Achieve Agile transformation using Links Explorer

How Jira and Links Explorer can boost your Agile transformation

Iterative and incremental development are critical elements of Agile development. The process represents the block of time during which the team has to produce a deliverable or increment. Agile helps organizations to evolve and maintain a focus on rapid development.

Agile gained popularity a decade ago when software industries started using agile software development methods. These methodologies address the customer’s needs and deliver business value right from the beginning of the project. The iterative process reduces the risk associated with the development and provides visibility and transparency at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Today, every industry including- automotive, telecommunications, aerospace & defense have implemented Agile methodologies in their projects.

To manage a project, teams across the world are using Agile frameworks or methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, or mixed methodology. Atlassian Jira Software is one such agile project management tool that supports these methodologies. Whether it’s agile boards, backlogs/sprints, or reports, the extensive customization options of Jira help teams to plan, track, and manage their agile projects with ease. 

As project size increases, so do the challenges, in such circumstances, implementing agile methodologies becomes difficult, but using a traceability application as Links Explorer with Jira can help your agile project team trace and visualize the links between the macro-level issues (Epics, Stories, etc) and the micro-level issues (task, subtasks, bugs, etc).

In this article, we will discuss- how you can enhance your agile project management capabilities in Jira using Links Explorer Traceability & Hierarchy.

Benefits of using Links Explorer Traceability & Hierarchy

To be a successful agile team, you need to foster an environment of team collaboration and flexibility. Links Explorer is designed to support these elements and help your agile team to identify and analyze potential risks. Here’s how Links Explorer can add value to your team:

Unified Tree View

The unified tree view is one of the unique features of Links Explorer that provides a complete hierarchy of Jira issues and its related links in a single window. This tree view captures all relationship types created in Jira including Epics, tasks, sub-tasks, and Portfolio hierarchies, making it easy for teams to interpret all relations.

It also supports cross-team collaboration by displaying relations from different projects. The optional preview feature in the Unified tree view displays information including Affected Versions, Fix Versions, Assignee, and Reporter.

The unified tree view displays crucial information related to each issue present in the hierarchy, which includes issue link type, issue status, priorities. This real-time information helps your team to track and visualize the complete progress of the project from a single window instead of switching to multiple tabs or windows. Thus reduces duplicate efforts,  supports flexibility, and help team members to recognize each other’s contributions.

You can access the unified tree view on the Jira issue page as well as the Board detail view page.

Interactive Depth Mode & Filters

It is essential to discover potential risks to ensure your project does not hit roadblocks. Measuring the magnitude of impact due to linked Jira issues (across projects) can be done using Interactive Depth mode & filters available in Links Explorer. The interactive Depth mode in the unified tree view helps your team to analyze the impact of changes across the project at different levels. Also, the multiple filters (issue type, link type, and issue direction) gives the team the exact refined view needed to assess the impact of any change request.

Traceability Reports

Every agile team looks for traceability and visibility throughout the software development process. Using Links Explorer, your team can generate end to end traceability reports that include information on issue key, issue summary along with issue links (Epic, Story, Task, Sub-task, or other issue link types) across projects. It also provides information about Issue status and priority.

These reports help the team to view how issues of any type linked with other Jira issues in an easy to comprehend tabular format.

Every team is different, but becoming a successful Agile project team is possible as long as you invest in a capable tool. Links Explorer Traceability & Hierarchy ensures that your agile team does not missout on any linked issue while working at different phases of the project. From allowing your team to visualize, track, analyze, and report the progress of linked Jira issues, Links Explorer helps to enhance the user experience.

Industry leaders like Arm, Tesla, Tesla, and many more are using Links Explorer in their transformation journey, now its time for you to transform your business with us.

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