RMsis 2.2.0

What to Expect from RMsis 2.2.0

We have recently added a new release for RMsis.

RMsis 2.2.0 is an incremental update on 2.1.0. New features include

  • Latest Version filter
  • APIs to automatically create test run and fill test results

Let’s explore these changes in more detail.

Latest Version Filter

One of the key USP of RMsis is that it allows explicit version control. Though this helps to track the changes with each change in the requirements, it also sometimes makes the information displayed, too cluttered.

One such location is the columns that show the dependents and depend on information. Though it’s important to keep track of which versions of a particular entity one depends on or has as its dependents, users usually just need to see the information only for the current/latest version.

RMsis 2.2.0 has added the Latest Version Filter on Depends on & Dependents column. This filter enables you to hide the older versions and display only the latest version of any linked requirements/ Test cases.

RMsis version control management
In the above image, DEMO-R17 {1} has linked requirements DEMO-R20 {1}, DEMO-R20 {2}, DEMO-R19 {1} and DEMO-R19 {2}. In order to reduce clutter and work on the latest versions, you can select the Latest version filter available on Depends On & Dependents column.
RMsis version control management

New APIs for Test Cases and Test Run

RMsis provides functionality to specify and map test cases to requirements and maintain an oversight of the product releases from a testing perspective. 

These Test cases and Test run gives a comprehensive view of the test execution and helps identify the specifications having issues. 

RMsis already had the ability to update test results using APIs, thus helping in automating the test process. A missing feature was the ability to create new copies of Test Runs from already existing test runs.

RMsis 2.2.0 adds this ability

Now an automation script can create a new Test run and after the test execution updates the results of the same.

Script for copying Test Run

mutation{copyTestRun(projectId:705,testRunId:1244,copyStatus:true,testRun:{name:"Beta",description:"Copy of Alpha",release731})


"name": "Beta"

Script for creating Test case Version



"data": {
"createTestCaseVersion": [
"id": 1295,
"key": "DP-T2 {2}"

Other Fixes

Apart from the above feature additions, RMsis 2.2.0 also contains important bug fixes. 

One important issue was the failure to generate a generic report OR save a filter if there was an ‘&’ present. This issue is now fixed.

Warning: You may face authentication errors while installing/accessing RMsis without a proxy configurationDisable SameSite cookie-related changes in your browser.

For other fixes and features, please check out our detailed Release Notes.

We, at Optimizory, have always prioritized to solve the most pressing business problems.

We hope to hear your feedback on the new release. You can contact us at support@optimizory.com

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